Things to do – Autumn walk in Chester

Autumn in Chester, Things to do in Chester, Walk in Chester

It’s starting to get much chillier and it wont be long before the Christmas market’s arrive in Chester (they will be featuring on my things to do in Chester blog soon).

I wanted to get out and see some of the city whilst it was still autumn and I needed to walk some of my lovely Sunday lunch off.

Things to do Autumn Walk in Chester

I headed right for the centre Chester’s Town Hall which is open to the public Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Also attached to the town hall is Chester Visitor information centre

Things to do in Chester

Head across the road from Chester’s town hall on Northgate street and you walk through a lovely gateway arch into a historic area of Chester situated next to the Cathedral. Abbey square which is a grade II Georgian square.

Abbey Square in Chester

The Abbey Square area of Chester gets used a lot for Films and TV series due to it’s historic buildings. Most recently for a new Sherlock Holmes drama to be aired on Netflix it’s going to be called The Irregulars.

Georgian buildings of Abbey Square in Chester

The street along the Georgian buildings of Abbey Square are covered in beautiful cobbles.

Thing to do in Chester City Walls

Carry on through from Abbey square and you reach steps on to the Chester’s city walls. The Walls are the oldest, longest and most complete in Britain. You can complete the full circuit in around an hour and it’s a great way to see the city.

Chester's beautiful buildings

Once you have finished your walk of the city walls head back in to the city to see Chester’s stunning buildings, do a bit of shopping and enjoy something to eat and drink in one of Chester’s many independent restaurants or bars.

Things to do in Chester in Autumn

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