Things to do in Chester. Chester Cathedral and tower tour in pictures

Chester, Chester Cathedral, Things to do in Chester

Chester Cathedral and tower tour

I was considering the best things to do in Chester last week when I had a little bit of spare time. I decided on Chester cathedral’s tower tour and it was a big eye opener for me.

I knew the Cathedral was a beautiful building from the outside with amazing architecture and built with Keuper sandstone, but I wasn’t ready for it’s sheer size and beauty within.

Things to do in Chester Cathedral tour

I touched briefly on Chester Cathedral in my 9 things to do in Chester blog. I wanted to show you more of Chester Cathedral in pictures to show you the real beauty of the place.

I took the 60 minute tower tour with our friendly guide James and spent an hour before hand looking around the cathedral (I could have spent all day it was that absorbing)

Chester cathedral is a grade I listed building and dates from 1093 when it was originally a Benedictine Abbey, it has been modified over many different periods in history.

The inside of Chester cathedral feels much larger than it looks on the outside. You walk immediately into the the Nave of Chester Cathedral which is dominated by a huge stained glass window and incredibly beautiful ornate ceiling.

Things to do in Chester Cathedral beautiful stained glass window

Visitors beneath the Nativity Window in the Chapel of St Werburgh, by Michael O’Connor (1853)

Whilst strolling though the Cathedral’s great archways you cannot help but notice how incredible the light falls within the Naive from the beautiful windows. A stunning stained glass windows dominates the entrance. A large tower is the central hub of the Cathedral which happens to be the highest point in Chester and on the Tower tour you can go right to the top to get great views across the city and over to North Wales.

Water of Life sculpture

Within the Cathedral peaceful cloisters garden or courtyard lies the unique Water of life sculpture by Stephen Broadbent for the 900th Anniversary celebrations of the foundation of the original Benedictine Abbey. It depicts Jesus and the woman of Samaria.

There’s great viewing from the gallery overlooking the rebuilt organ as you take the tower.

The choir stalls set behind the Rood screen date from 1380 and include some lovely figure carvings

Also being built is a lego replica of Chester Cathedral and I love it. You donate a pound to put a piece of lego towards the build. The cathedral anticipate it will be complete in the next 2 years.

Cathedral tower tour

Chester cathedral Tower at height tour. Explore the towers spiral staircase which monks used to climb at 2am on a daily bases to the bell tower. The scenes from the top of the tower which is the highest point in Chester are amazing. You can see one city, two countries and five counties.

From Chester cathedrals website there are two tower Tours:

60 minute tour – The full Cathedral at Height Tour, explore the high galleries, the view from the tower and more – Adults £8.00 | children £6.00

30 minute tour – The ‘Shortened Tour’ is for those on a tight schedule – Adults and children £6.00 | Families ( 2 adults and up to 3 children) £20.00

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